Coaching y la PNL: Acción en los cambios.

Introduction La PNL y el coaching es una combinación explosiva que genera resultados poderosos y duraderos en personas o empresas que requieren de este servicio. La PNL entrega las herramientas necesarias para lograr moderar la excelencia del ser humano, mientras que el coaching permite entregar las estrategias adecuadas para reconocer el punto de partida, establecer objetivos y herramientas necesarias para lograr dichas metas, tanto a corto como mediano y largo plazo. Definition of coaching and NLP We can define Coaching as a way of relating, listening, and being; through self-awareness and introspection it is possible to know yourself better and become a different observer of reality. Coaching allows you to develop the potential of human capital, helps to encourage leadership and improve performance. It offers the tools to develop better personal and professional relationships, as well as communication abilities that open new areas of learning. Applied to work teams, it creates collaboration under an approach aimed at solutions and results, which creates awareness, purpose, competence and wellbeing. As for Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), we must break it into three definitions that complement each other so as to achieve a certain goal. They are: Programming – awareness: When processing the experience that reaches us through our senses and is interpreted by language, we create our own programs that determine our behavior. Some of them help us, LUCY AMADO Abogado, egresada de la Universidad del Zulia (LUZ). Magíster en Derecho Mercantil. E-mail: T. 0058-414-6145407 but others limit us; some are conscious, others are not. Neuro – thought: Our senses allow us to obtain information from our environment and process it by means of our nervous system, consciously or unconsciously, which determines our way of thinking. Linguistic – language: we use our language to interpret and describe our experience to ourselves (thus creating our own reality, our pattern of the world) and to others. By becoming aware of this fact, we can enrich our communication and increase our ability to persuade through the use of language patterns and structures. Benefits of NLP One of the benefits of NLP is becoming aware of the programs that limit us. If we were able to create them, we can also reset those programs that are inefficient so as to achieve satisfactory results. By using NLP tools, we can modify our thoughts and reach a state of full resources in any situation. Neurolinguistic Programming teaches us how to use the internal language of our brain, through sounds and feelings, to communicate with ourselves, with the environment, and to decide how to behave; it offers the necessary tools to take control of our own life and behavior. Characteristics of coaching 1. It centers on goals: it looks for clarity about how, when and why to achieve results in the organization. 2. It is flexible: It offers different options wherever creativity is encouraged, and wherever multiple and varied ways to achieve results are desired. 3. It strengthens change: It offers tools so that managers can strengthen change through encouragement, not through imposition, which creates a positive environment to achieve results. 4. It promotes relationships: It stimulates management’s interest in a systemic approach and in the importance of quality human relations in the organization. Benefits of coaching and virtues of NLP to achieve change Corporate coaching creates helpful situations in the organizations, not to be confused with some type of therapy, although it is supported by NLP, emotional intelligence and transactional analysis. When we face emotionally charging situations, we listen to them empathically, contain them and help the customers so that we understand how the situation affects their different contexts. NLP is an excellent aid in coaching. A coach who uses NLP not only will be able to design plans of action for the development of skills and abilities more adjusted to the needs of the customers, but also will have higher awareness and understanding of the customers’ way of thinking, both in terms of their deep and surface structure. A coach who uses NLP will help customers understand his or her most hidden values and beliefs. A coach who uses NLP will guide customers towards identifying their goals by means of devising the goal and where it is based, which makes it a coherent reality. One of the most important contributions of NLP to Coaching is that it incorporates Rapport or understanding into the relationship with the customer. It happens when the coach learns to match his or her behavior, thoughts, breathing, communication and non-verbal language and the customer’s. Therefore, the customer will be more open towards the coach, less critical, more receptive and more willing to accept what the coach has to say.


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