Conflict Resolution


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  • Titular: Lucy Amado, C.A
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This is the English Edition of the successful 4th Spanish Edition of the book on conflict resolution written by Lucy Amado. A writer of management, dispute resolution, and self-help books, she displays here the best of her extensive experience as a negotiator and conflict resolution consultant.This English version presents the keys to becoming a successful negotiator, mediator, conciliator, or arbitrator able to manage conflicts constructively.Amado approaches the negotiation process from a personal perspective based on her longstanding practice in the field.She modified and ¨tropicalized¨ the Harvard methodology, adapting it to the Latin-American social, cultural, and business contexts. Her approach includes new elements that help to achieve sustainable agreements when negotiating in any of the countries of Latin America.In this book, the reader can find the keys to successfully negotiate, mediate, conciliate, and arbitrate by handling conflicts constructively



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